Improve your postures for a healthier life

Rolfing Structura Integrationl
Reorganization of the body structure

Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) is a method of improving your body awareness by bringing balance and tonus to your postures, better range of motion, availability and flexibility to your movements. Using gentle manipulations of the fascias (tissues of support and shape) , and a movement-specific education, the Rolfing practitioner (the Rolfer) guides you to a suitable postural balance and optimum freedom of movements.

My name is Richard LOISEAU, I am a certified Rolfer. I deeply love the approach of Rolfing® because it is intended to give back their autonomy to the individuals, restore their power of action and their grace of movement.

Improve your posture

When postures are not well balanced, discomfort settles in the form of muscle tensions and limited range of movement. If the situation persists, pain, injury or loss of capacity may occur.

It is important to avoid reaching this stage. Rolfing® SI deeply reshapes the fascia so that the body structure may reorganize and find a balance adapted to your morphology. The body thus releaved, a specific movement education brings mobility and availability in areas previously limited and restricted.

When the body reaches this state of availability, the energy that was previously spent to maintain tensions, fight against gravity, compensate for physical imbalances, this energy becomes available for other more useful activities. High level of tonicity, flexibility, good mood and creativity can then expand without limitation.

Rolfing® SI will make it possible for you to deepen the knowledge of your body to expand its possibilities of expression, to refine its capacities of perception and eventually live a more intimate and peaceful life.

For whom is Rolfing® appropriate?

Rolfing® is especially appropriate for people such as:

  • athletes eager to improve their performances
  • martial art practitioners seeking to improve their flexibility and motricity
  • yoga and dance teachers wishing to push away the resistances still present in their body
  • women or men achieving repetitive movements in the context of their daily activity
  • shift workers with long-time standing or sitting
  • employee at a non-ergonomic working place
  • any person wishing to live in a healthy and free body

In what cases to take Rolfing® sessions?

Rolfing® SI can help you if you are experiencing such conditions as:

  • tensions in the body, especially in the back and neck
  • movement restrictions, especially shoulders and hips
  • limitation of your mobility
  • lack of tone, apathy
  • low physical condition
  • limited breathing amplitude
  • inadequate postures

Rolfing® is a preventive approach to global health by wellness which cannot in any way replace a medical treatment. If you suffer from severe disease or illness please contact a medical practitionner first.

Would you like to learn more? Contact me.

If you think that it is important for you to live in a freer and more available body, I invite you to contact me so that we could arrange a first appointment.

Tel: 06 12 94 13 17 e-mail: contact@rolfing-is.fr

Appointment at my Sophia Antipolis studio, located: 7 rue Paul Cézanne 06560 VALBONNE Sophia Antipolis

  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00
  • Saturday: 9:00 to 16:00
  • closed on Sunday
  • Annual closing in August

You can also browse the other pages of this site and watch this very informative video (in french!).

I am looking forward to meeting you.

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