The benefits of Rolfing

What can you expect ?

benefits of Rolfing : evolution of the posture after 10 sessionsThe benefits expected from receiving sessions of Rolfing are many. Rolfing is based on a comprehensive approach of the human being, including their body, mind, physical (gravity) and socio-cultural environement. Althought it affects all these domains, the outcomes of the sessions are greatly enhanced by the commitment of the client to  their Rolfing process. The benefits of Rolfing as reported by scientific and clinical studies refer to noticeable transformations such as:

  • more stable and balanced postures
  • tension relief
  • Rolfing helps alleviate some chronic pains, including back and neck pain
  • better athletic performances
  • easier movements and improved flexibility
  • increased range of motion especially for the dancers and yoga practitioners
  • a better relashionship to the space and ground
  • improved tonus and vitality

How does Rolfing work ?

Tensions and muscle restrictions arise from accumulations and densifications of a special kind of connective tissues known as fascias (the tissues that support the body). Under such circumstances as  repetitive movements, wrong postural habits , lack of activity and the long term effects of injuries and surgery, the fascias get dehydrated, tense and poorly flexible.

Thanks to specific soft tissue manipulations, and  appropriate movement education, the tissue layers will reorganise and release the muscles and joints from their restrictions. Eventually, this may result in beneficial pain relief .

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