The course of a Rolfing session

Assume the expected goal

Once the first session is booked, I welcome you to my Rolfing studio in Sophia Antipolis and we start an in-depth interview whose purpose is to set the objectives of the sessions, given your history, your current condition, and your expectations.

Course of a Rolfing session

Each session begins with a ‘body reading’ phase which purpose is to evaluate the potential of postural change that we may expect, with regards to existing range of movement and body attitudes, this is the reference starting point. As the session procedes the original goals may be refined. Each session comprises a large part of structural work where the Rolfer directly and gently impulses change to the soft-tissues, helping them becoming more flexible and free from entrapments. Every now and then, the states of the tissues, the level of pain if any, the ranges of movement are reassumed and compared to the reference set at the begining of the session. With the soft tissue changes and the new joint capabilities reached, movement education is conducted  to integrate the new possibilities in daily life and make them sustainable.

Rolfing will also widen the perception of your body and awareness of your surrounding space. As such it  is an invaluable tool to  improve the knowledge of your own body, develop your sensations, understand your feelings and finally grow your self-esteem.

The Rolfing process

The basic Rolfing process is traditionally refered to as the “ten sessions” or the “ten serie”, indicating a ten steps process may be required to accomplish a full structural transformation. The sessions are scheduled a week or two apart and extends over about six months. It is possible when the changes are important to make breaks in order to give the body time to incorporate them. It is also possible to work on a smaller number of sessions and to adjust the goals accordingly.

Long lasting results

The process may have a long inertia and changes may continue to occur even after the  achievements of the “ten serie”.  This is even more true when you have successfully integrated the changes in your daily habits. Nevertheless, it is recommended to do a “refresh session” every few month or so to check your personnal evolution. It may also be decided to continue the sessions to focus on tougher issues.

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