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Who am I?

20160702-6317-edit-webI am Richard LOISEAU, ROLFING® practitioner, graduated from the European ROLFING® Association in Munich (Germany). He is also curently being trained for ROLFING® Movement and Visceral manipulations. He works as a massage therapist specialized in deep-tissue and he teaches massage and Shiatsu. After a career as an engineer he became aware of the qualities that dwelt deeply inside of him and decided to let them blosom and finally gave them the space they deserved in his life.

In his opinion, ROLFING® is the most accomplished soft bodywork currently available. Using highly efficient processes supported by breath, perception of the ground, the relationships to space, to the self and to others, it promotes the vital mechanisms of the human being and help balance the body around the ‘Line’ of our verticality. Hence it contributes to the evolution of a better human being.

Richard practices with passion and discernment. Each new client is an exploration, the beginning of a new experience “here and there”. There is a growth towards more verticality, stability and balance. The practitioner and the client support this lively process in accordance with whom they are at that very moment.

In his personal experience, receiving the ROLFING® sessions, were decisive moments of his physical, mental and psychological process of personnal growth.

“I am infinitely grateful to Karen Monagham my first ROLFING® practitioner and also to the community of teachers, practitioners, and students of the ROLFING® Institute of Structural Integration. I thank my clients because each of them amplifies my experience as a ROLFING® pratitioner and comprehension and help me being always closer to who I am”.
– Richard –

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